Olivia Snow, more affectionately known as Chef Liv, is the executive chef at Flatirons Terrace. Though her role at Flatirons Terrace is the first she’s had in the senior living industry, she enjoys the challenge of cooking for a different generation than hers. “It’s a fine line between trying new things and keeping the old things,” Liv said. “I have to season carefully but still make sure the food tastes good.”

Liv developed her passion for cooking at a young age and has been creating unique dishes since she was 16. “I love cooking,” she said. “I like being able to walk into a kitchen and find whatever odds and ends there are to make a meal.” Liv says the whole team at Flatirons Terrace is easygoing and nice to be around, as are the residents, who love when Liv comes out of the kitchen to say “hello.”

Liv prides herself on being able to experiment with new ingredients and flavors. “Not everyone can do that,” she said. And not everyone can take on the task of pleasing seniors palates day in and day out — but that’s one of her specialties.

A longtime resident of Colorado, Liv received her associate’s degree in culinary arts from Johnson and Wales in Denver and has held culinary positions at restaurants throughout the Denver metro area. Prior to Flatirons Terrace, she worked as a line chef at Snooze: an A.M. Eatery in Boulder. She’s also worked as a brunch chef at Scott’s on Alpine in Boulder and a prep cook for Longmont-based Greens Point Catering.

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