About Dial Retirement Communities

Since 1999, Dial Retirement Communities have provided seniors, spouses, and families with the living options they need to enjoy their lives without having to worry about maintenance issues, housekeeping matters, or security!

A Letter from the President

Ted Lowndes

Ted Lowndes


Prior to joining Dial, Mr. Lowndes held a position as an auditor for a large CPA firm. In 1999, he Co-founded Dial Retirement Communities, where he held the position of CFO/Controller. In 2001, he was promoted to President. Throughout his time as President, the Dial portfolio has successfully grown in size from 137 units to over 2,000 units in five states. Mr. Lowndes holds a BA degree in accounting.

Dear Friend,

Whether you are looking for yourself or caring for a loved one, we want you to rest easy knowing that you are no longer alone.

By moving into a Dial Community, you will receive an amazing gift, the gift of enjoying life again.

We will provide a stunning environment, incredible food, a loving and professional team, an energetic and engaging lifestyle, and a community filled with peers, friendships, and family. You will start loving the way you live again, not just existing and getting by each day.

We are passionate about this! Living life with purpose, comfort, enjoyment, excitement, diversity, well-being, and dignity is just the foundation. We are committed to investing more than our competitors do on staffing, entertainment, technology, ambiance, quality goods and services, and overall lifestyle.

We will find out what you specifically need in order to love your life and we will make that our number one objective. We are also very confident about what we accomplish, we encourage you to ask our current residents and families about their Dial experience.
We see every person that inquires about living in our community as someone that deserves the very best life has to offer. We hope that you allow us the honor in proving it to you every day.


Ted Lowndes

Our Passion & Values

Every one of our retirement communities are a place where residents can continue enjoying all of the unique passions they’ve discovered throughout life. We believe in creating an environment that helps you to love the way you live, and that comes through providing a connected community that challenges, revitalizes, and nurtures our residents!

At every one of our 17 Dial Retirement Communities, our team members are passionate about creating an environment that makes you feel like family. Our team is sure to always greet you with a gracious smile and open heart.

We’re here to make a positive difference in your life and we’re positive that when you live at Dial Retirement Communities, you’ll find joy in everyday life and have the ability to stay active and engaged in everything you do!


Our Core Values

Our values can be summed up in one simple word: Family!

Family Serving Family
Attitude of Gratitude
Make a Difference
Innovation with Integrity
Lead with a Service Heart

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